Cico Network Presents The Weird Christmas Facts 2020

“The Weird Christmas Facts" brought to you by CICOPay (Cico Network)

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🥶Winter holidays are always bring magic and festive feeling… however, as everything in our life — it has the other side of the medal.

▶️We were surprised to find out that two-fifths of Europeans feel forced to spend at Christmas.

For some people, Christmas is a financial strain. ING bank group report that, across Europe, one in 10 borrows or runs up credit-card debt to pay for the festivities. Two-fifths feel pressure to spend more money than they want to at Christmas.

▶️Christmas may be a time for giving, but not everyone is grateful for the gifts they receive. A survey for Netherlands-based bank ING found 15% of Europeans were unhappy with what gifts they received last year, while 10% couldn’t even remember their gifts.

❓So, maybe it is better to invest to something else this Christmas?

❓What do you think about these stats? Let us know in the comments below!

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