CICOPay — How It Works

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Cico Network is a Blockchain As A Service (BaaS) merchant solutions for Online Gaming, E-Commerce and Forex brokerages. Cico Network operates as a global payment scheme connecting all the stakeholders interested in crypto-to-crypto users, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, cashier system providers, payment solution providers and merchants.

CICOPay — How It Works

  1. CICOPay payment option shows on the client dashboard in one of our online FX Broker merchants.
Client dashboard from an online Fx broker.

2. Customers could input the deposit amount (e.g. in USD) and choose the
payment currency (e.g. Bitcoin as BTC), merchant can call “2.1 getExchangeRate” API and get BTC/USD sell rate and calculate the required BTC reference amount.

  • The rate from getExchangeRate API is for reference only as the rates
    are updated in real time and rate will be locked after an order is initiated.
Cico Network Crypto Payment Landing Page 1

3. After the customer has confirmed to place the order, the online fx broker merchant could create an order via API. Billed_currency = BTC, marked_currency = USDT, calculate the USDT marked_amount by getting USDT/USD sell rate from getExchangeRate API. CICOPay will then return the actual BTC amount the customer need to pay and also a BTC receiving address.

Cico Network Crypto Payment Landing Page 2

4. After the customer has completed the payment, CICOPPay will send completed API callback to merchant, merchant can also check at CICOPPay merchant portal. The USDT amount will be deposited to merchant account in real time.

Cico Network Merchant Dashboard Demo

About CICOPay by Cico Network

Cico Network — CICOPay

Cico Network, a fintech project lead by Horizons Visions Limited in Hong Kong SAR.







Cico Network

Cico Network is a Blockchain As A Service (BaaS) merchant solutions for Gaming, E-Commerce and, CFD & Forex brokerages.