How can I purchase cryptocurrency with MoonPay?

Now purchasing cryptocurrency and depositing into your Cico Network wallet is even easier with MoonPay.

With certain exceptions (and depending on the terms with your card issuer), this service is available across the globe.

Please note, while your purchase is immediate, funding your wallet may not be. Your transaction must confirm on the blockchain before the funds will reflect in your Cico Network wallet. Additionally, MoonPay has the right to cancel a transaction for any reason. If a transaction is canceled your funds will be refunded to the card you used to purchase.

At this time, MoonPay is available via the Cico Network official website, it is available via desktop, mobile and template.

  • On the MoonPay landing page you can select the amount and cryptocurrency you wish to buy.
  • The convergence rate will reflect on the landing page before you continue to add any information.
  • MoonPay sets the rate at which assets are converted, not Cico Network.
  • You can purchase $20-$50,000 of cryptocurrency. However, the amount in which you can purchase is based on the verification you provide, for more information please see MoonPay’s verification requirements.
  • Enter: The address you wish to send funds to (This does not have to be a Cico Network wallet address).
  • Please note, In the upper right hand corner of your page you will see the main menu this will allow you to have common questions answered as well as your transaction history with MoonPay, the language you prefer, FAQs and of course contact.
  • Fees: A flat fee of $4.99 + 9.95% will be applied on top any purchase and deducted from your total amount.
  • Verification: If you did not receive the verification email or SMS text please reach out to MoonPay.
  • Do not close your web browser while your payment is being authorized.
  • If verification isn’t instant, you’ll get an email to finish the process.
  • If the transaction isn’t completed the transaction will be canceled — a cancellation email will be sent from MoonPay.
  • Confirmation: Once your payment has processed it can take 30 minutes (but possibly longer) for your cryptocurrency to reflect in your crypto wallet.
  • Note: Once the payment is approved, no way to cancel
  • MoonPay may ask for additional information to complete their verification process. Cico Network cannot assist in this process, waive additional documents needed, nor process a payment done via MoonPay. For any additional questions regarding MoonPay verification process please reach out at
  • If you’d like to check on the status of your purchase (once confirmed), please reach out to

About CICOPay by Cico Network

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Cico Network, a fintech project lead by Horizons Visions Limited in Hong Kong SAR.

Cico Network is a Blockchain As A Service (BaaS) merchant solutions for Gaming, E-Commerce and Forex brokerages. Cico Network operates as a global payment scheme connecting all the stakeholders interested in crypto -to-crypto users, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, cashier system providers, payment solution providers and merchants.






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Cico Network

Cico Network

Cico Network is a Blockchain As A Service (BaaS) merchant solutions for Gaming, E-Commerce and, CFD & Forex brokerages.